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Join us in protecting and preserving our planet’s precious wildlife for future generations to come.

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At the Mara Siana Foundation, we’re dedicated to two crucial goals: expanding protected land for wildlife and fostering harmony between communities and the natural world. Our mission is clear: more protected land, and stronger connections.

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Ripoi Conservancy

"We need to promote development that does not destroy our environment or undermine our cultural heritage."

- Wangari Maathai

Together, we can create a future where wildlife thrives and communities live in harmony with the wild. Join us in making a lasting impact on nature and humanity.

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Our Mission

Through a holistic approach and commitment to social responsibility, Mara Siana Foundation strives to Secure as much land as possible for the long-term protection and expansion of wildlife. Our goal is to promote harmony between humans and wildlife for their mutual and wholistic benefit. 

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Wild Life

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What We Have Achieved

Our project has now increased protected land to include another 13,500 acres. The Ripoi Conservancy has now been created. Ripoi is located adjacent to other conservancies but has not been protected in many years.

Protecting land for wildlife


In the past, Africa’s protected areas were limited to National Parks and Reserves. But things changed when organizations collaborated to protect more land and foster coexistence between the local community and wildlife.

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